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Hey Y'all!

I'm Gabby and I've always loved glitter. So much so that at a previous job (Sorority/Fraternity Campus Professional) we got charged a $200+ excessive clean up fee for the glitter we left behind! It was worth EVERY PENNY! So I'm thrilled to get to play with glitter and make BEAUTIES y'all get to enjoy that doesn't leave a glittered mess (for y'all at least - my house is a different story).

In addition to glitter, my hobbies include reading, gardening, traveling, crafting and teen drama TV. Don't ask me how many times I've seen The Vampire Diaries. 

Thank you for supporting me to do what I love. What started out as one of my many ADHD new hobbies to help with my mental health has now become a small business!

- Gabby


I love everything I buy from here and use each thing over and over again. Everything is strongly made, looks amazing and I always recommend Live Boldly Boutique to everyone and anyone. I'm obsessed! - Would recommend!


Biff W.


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